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Green building careers

Explore career profiles and access resources to pursue a green building career.

The U.S. Green Building Council is committed to supporting the green jobs market, to ensure that people who are passionate about sustainability can apply their skills and talents to a rapidly growing workforce. There are many possibilities when it comes to a career in green building. Take our quiz to explore your interests and get personalized recommendations for green building career pathways.

Explore green building career profiles

News & insights

Green careers at a glance

  • 9.8 million jobs require green tasks (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • The energy efficiency (EE) industry grew 1.7 times as fast as the national workforce 2016–2019 (source: USEER)
  • 13% of current efficiency professionals are 55 and older (source: USEER)
  • Entry-level wages in all sectors of EE jobs exceed the national average (source: USEER)
  • 70% of organizations have permanently placed sustainability on their management agendas (source: MIT Sloan Management Review + Boston Consulting Group)
  • 65% of businesses value environmental and sustainability knowledge in job candidates (source: National Environmental Education Foundation)
  • 78% of businesses said environmental and sustainability knowledge would grow in importance as a hiring factor in the next five years (source: National Environmental Education Foundation)
  • 71% of hiring decision-makers maintain that being credentialed increases competitiveness, based on a survey of LEED professionals
  • 85% of credentialed professionals believe that their credential gives them a competitive edge in the job market, based on a survey of LEED professionals

Commitment from the Biden Administration

Upgrade 4 million buildings, weatherize 2 million homes over 4 years

Spur the construction of 1.5 million sustainable homes and housing units

Create jobs in skilled trades that reduce climate pollution and accelerate clean energy

Deliver 40% of the benefits of federal investments to disadvantaged communities

Action from the Federal Government

Congress proposes to invest nearly $3.5 billion over five years to scale up apprenticeship opportunities

Agencies promote greater diversity in apprenticeships and boost women’s participation

Support apprenticeship programs in underrepresented sectors, including green jobs, via grants